Mar 19 • 26M

On letting go of dating, Hallmark love and the inner child

Voice Notes from a Friend #2

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Susannah Conway
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Welcome to Episode 2!

As promised, this month I’m talking about why I am no longer dating. I recorded the audio yesterday and after having a night to sleep on it there are a few clarifications I want to add before we dive in.

In the audio I talk about how my ADHD had an impact on my dates — something I’m only realising after the fact now I have my official diagnosis. I make it sound like I got hugely attached to every person I went on a date with but obviously that wasn’t the case! :-) There were plenty of first dates where neither of us felt an attraction and there were no hard feelings. There were also second dates where the sparks fizzled out and no more dates were needed. All good. Where my ADHD tripped me up was when sparks DID fly and attraction was mutually felt — that’s when I tended to get over-invested and that wasn’t helpful.

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