Aug 26 • 13M

Keeping her DNA on the page

A reader asked: How can you keep working in the midst of your mental and emotional storm?

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The non-podcast is taking its first wobbly steps out into the world, so let's see what it wants to become. Very unlikely to be published weekly. ❤️
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Hello hello! Another voice note from me, this time answering a question that came in via Instagram (RIP). It’s a timely one and in my reply I do talk about cancer and how I’m dealing with cat’s diagnosis and the way this very tender time is affecting me.

You can read more about Baba’s journey here and here

Here’s the post talking about ADHD

And here’s my biz course - it would be silly not to mention that registration opens today ;-)

Questions are always welcome! I enjoyed making this non-podcast episode ❤️